KJV bible verse list

The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, first published in 1611, holds a special place in the hearts of many Christians worldwide. Its elegant and poetic language has made it a beloved translation for centuries. In this section, we will explore the value of reading KJV Bible verses, compare them to other versions of the Bible, and highlight the main benefits they offer to readers.

The Language of KJV

One of the standout features of the KJV Bible is its majestic and archaic language. The translators of the KJV were not only scholars but also poets, and their commitment to preserving the beauty of the English language is evident in every verse. The use of thee, thou, and ye, as well as the rich vocabulary, lends a sense of reverence and timelessness to the text. While some may find the language challenging, many believe it enhances the overall reading experience, making it more memorable and impactful.

Comparison with Other Versions

To fully appreciate the value of KJV Bible verses, it’s essential to compare them to other popular Bible translations, such as the New International Version (NIV) and the English Standard Version (ESV).

  1. Historical Significance: The KJV holds historical significance as one of the earliest English translations of the Bible. Its influence on literature, culture, and religion is profound. While newer translations may offer modern language and improved accuracy, the KJV’s historical importance cannot be overstated.
  2. Literary Beauty: KJV Bible verses are often praised for their literary beauty and poetic quality. Other translations, while more contemporary and accessible, may lack the same level of artistry and eloquence.
  3. Tradition and Familiarity: Many individuals and congregations have grown up with the KJV Bible and are familiar with its verses. The comfort of tradition can be a compelling reason to continue reading this translation.
  4. Interpretation and Theology: Different translations may convey slightly different theological nuances in their interpretations of certain passages. The KJV is known for its conservative approach to translation, which aligns with the beliefs of many traditional Christian denominations.

Main Benefits of Reading KJV Bible Verses

  1. Spiritual Connection: The KJV’s rich language can help readers feel a deeper spiritual connection to the text. The beauty of the language enhances the reading experience, making it more immersive and emotionally resonant.
  2. Memorization: The poetic and rhythmic quality of KJV verses makes them easier to memorize. This is particularly beneficial for those who wish to commit scripture to memory for personal or group study.
  3. Cultural and Historical Insight: Reading the KJV provides a glimpse into the history of English literature and language. It allows readers to appreciate how the Bible has shaped English culture and idioms over centuries.
  4. Tradition and Community: For many Christians, the KJV is a cherished part of their faith tradition. Reading from the KJV can help foster a sense of community and continuity with generations of believers who have come before.
  5. Personal Preference: Ultimately, the choice of Bible translation is a personal one. Some individuals simply prefer the beauty and familiarity of the KJV and find it spiritually enriching.


The value of reading KJV Bible verses lies in their historical significance, literary beauty, and spiritual depth. While newer translations may offer clearer language and improved accuracy, the KJV continues to hold a special place in the hearts of many believers. It fosters a deep connection to the Bible’s message and traditions, making it a valuable choice for those seeking a timeless and spiritually enriching reading experience. Whether you are drawn to its poetic language or its historical importance, the KJV remains a beloved translation that continues to inspire and guide readers on their spiritual journey.

Explore our KJV bible verses below

first woman preacher in the bible kjv
she is clothed in strength and dignity kjv
sermon on the mount kjv
psalm 108 kjv
psalm 79 kjv
psalms 108 kjv
come as you are bible verse kjv
psalm 23 kjv large print
psalms 86 kjv
what the devil meant for evil, god turned to good scripture kjv
jesus washes disciples feet kjv
the eyes of the lord kjv
psalm 151 kjv
psalm 121 kjv large print
when my heart is overwhelmed kjv
all sins are equal bible verse kjv
2 esdras 6 kjv
journaling bible kjv
be sober minded kjv
pray for one another kjv
warning comes before destruction kjv
deuteronomy 11 kjv
victory scriptures kjv
revival scriptures kjv
esau is the end of the world kjv
psalm 70 kjv
kjv browse
daniel fast scripture kjv
melchizedek kjv
morning scriptures kjv
never trust thine enemy kjv
what is the will of god kjv
don’T be so heavenly minded scripture kjv
what does the bible say about halloween kjv
pocket bible kjv
prepare slaughter kjv
monday blessings kjv
joshua 4 kjv
journal the word bible kjv
weaker and wiser bible verse kjv
bible verse for unexpected death (kjv)
psalms 23 kjv bible gateway
tower of babel kjv
1 chronicles 16 kjv
deuteronomy 16 kjv
scriptures on victory kjv
longsuffering kjv
deuteronomy 12 kjv
prepare me a body kjv
long suffering kjv
intercessory prayer scriptures kjv
psalm 51 kjv large print
jesus washed feet kjv
kjv bible study lessons pdf
kjv bible for women
sage in the bible kjv
protect your eye and ear gates scripture kjv
what does the bible say about weed kjv
yahweh bible verse kjv
come as you are kjv
wednesday blessings kjv
victory kjv
bible verse for unexpected death kjv
1 samuel 9 kjv
pray one for another kjv
i will laugh at your calamity kjv
the steadfast love of the lord never ceases kjv
gobible kjv
favor scriptures kjv
little is much when god is in it scripture kjv
if it had not been for the lord kjv
friday blessings kjv
what manner of man is this kjv
ezekiel 7 kjv
ezekiel 14 kjv
will of god kjv
small kjv bible
wide margin bible kjv
scriptures on discernment kjv
rahab the harlot kjv
i am the daughter of a king bible verse kjv
ezekiel 12 kjv
psalm 37 kjv large print
rainbow bibles kjv
kjv victory
stumbling block kjv
tuesday blessings kjv
predestined kjv
sons of sceva kjv
elohim in the bible kjv
colossians 2 6-7 kjv
kjv note taker’s bible
kjv bible verses about being reunited with loved ones in heaven
he sent his word and healed them kjv
thursday blessings kjv
ezekiel 44 kjv
tongue kjv
a wicked woman is given to a wicked man kjv
let the poor say i am rich kjv
trinity in the bible kjv
this to shall pass kjv
habakkuk 3 17-19 kjv
when thou art converted kjv
judith in the bible kjv
confidence in god scriptures kjv
life application study bible large print kjv
sanctify yourself kjv
money is a defense kjv
pray for one another bible verse kjv
discernment of spirits kjv
spiral bible kjv
give to the poor kjv
good morning bible verses kjv
discernment kjv
let everything be done in moderation kjv
psalm 107 20 kjv
respect your elders bible verse kjv
acro bible kjv
elijah prayed for rain kjv
unjust judge kjv
first fruits bible verse kjv
strange apparel kjv
jesus washing the disciples feet kjv
beware of dogs kjv
no cooking on the sabbath kjv
psalm 18 kjv audio
saturday blessings kjv
cattle on a thousand hills kjv
psalm 37 kjv audio
syrophoenician woman kjv
jesus calms the storm kjv
psalm 100 kjv audio
the devil is the author of confusion kjv
kjv journal bible
let go and let god bible verse kjv
scriptures on power and authority kjv
kjv amplified parallel bible
kjv gifts
talebearer kjv
mustard seed bible verse kjv
a little sleep a little slumber kjv
what does the bible say about liars and manipulators kjv
sunday blessings kjv
gods will kjv
seek wise counsel kjv
mustard seed kjv
sin stinks in the nostrils of god kjv
witty inventions kjv
soul ties scripture kjv
jesus heals the blind man kjv
lukewarm bible verse kjv
kjv thinline bible
a wicked woman kjv
kjv spanish bible
crafty counsel kjv
envy not the oppressor kjv
a shameless woman kjv
earthquakes in divers places kjv
jairus daughter kjv
praise god from whom all blessings flow verse kjv
whoremongering bible verse kjv
wine bibber kjv
church anniversary scriptures kjv
sheol bible verses kjv
jeremiah 49 kjv
what does the bible say about yoga kjv
missionary scriptures kjv
regeneration kjv
marine spirits kjv
romans 8 31 39 kjv
praying in the spirit kjv
romans road kjv printable
you won’t be able to tell the seasons apart kjv
victory in jesus scripture kjv
scriptures on the tongue kjv
bible on cd kjv
hemp in the bible kjv
jeremiah 29 11-14 kjv
heavenly minded no earthly good kjv
touch not my anointed kjv meaning
family bible kjv
jealousy kjv
rahab in the bible kjv
psalm 25 kjv audio
stephen stoned kjv
if the righteous scarcely be saved kjv
psalm 46 kjv audio
no sin is greater than another scripture kjv
1 chronicles 4 kjv
bible verse about being a good father kjv
god hates liars kjv
kjv bible with thumb index
warning comes before destruction scripture kjv
the world, the flesh, and the devil kjv verse
endure kjv
numbers 6 22 27 kjv
kjv bible with cross reference
set apart kjv
kjv bible on cd
revival kjv
psalm 91 kjv audio alexander scourby
god’s will kjv
set your house in order kjv
temperance kjv
kjv coloring bible
predestined in the bible kjv
scriptures on favor kjv
battle of the mind scriptures kjv
birthday scriptures kjv
thompson chain reference bible kjv free download
warning before destruction kjv
confidence kjv
foot washing in the bible kjv
james kjv audio
luke kjv audio
spiral bound bible kjv
rejoice when someone dies and weep when a child is born kjv
humble scriptures kjv
2 esdras 7 kjv
kjv bible with tabs
leap for joy kjv
romans kjv audio
babylon has fallen kjv
sarah called abraham lord kjv
good morning bible verse kjv
praises go up blessings come down kjv
rahab kjv
stepping out on faith scriptures kjv
satan is the author of confusion kjv
spirit of python kjv
good morning kjv
seven sons of sceva kjv
holy ghost and fire kjv
mary magdalene kjv
come as you are scripture kjv
judges 9 kjv
god’s unmerited favor scripture kjv
wide margin bibles kjv
wise counsel kjv
heavenly minded no earthly good kjv scripture
joshua 19 kjv
no buying or selling on the sabbath kjv
wicked kjv
fresh anointing scripture kjv
deacons in the bible kjv
hebrews 10 35-36 kjv
lies kjv
psalm 121 1-8 kjv
scriptures on jealousy kjv
crystals in the bible kjv
god is my everything bible verse kjv
kjv women’s devotional
solomon 4 7 kjv
rainbow study bible kjv large print
jealous kjv
ephesians kjv audio
john kjv audio alexander scourby
proverbs 15 kjv audio
idle mind scripture kjv
wicked women kjv
lazarus raised from the dead kjv
backsliding in the bible kjv
mary magdalene in the bible kjv
2 esdras 6 54-56 kjv
when praises go up blessings come down kjv
sober minded kjv
for my name sake kjv
lie kjv
psalms 121 1-8 kjv
kjv believe
10 commandments kjv printable
purpose scriptures kjv
rereward kjv
who touched me kjv
psalm 23 kjv gateway
idle hands bible verse kjv
all is well scripture kjv
confidence scriptures kjv
romans 8 37-39 kjv
ephesians 6 kjv audio
niv kjv parallel bible
romans 8 37 39 kjv
bible verses to break curses (kjv)
psalm 150 kjv audio
tuesday blessings kjv images
discipline kjv
bible verses about the tongue kjv
psalm 4 kjv audio
mustard seed verse kjv
jeremiah 29 11 14 kjv
examples of meekness in the bible kjv
psalm 139 kjv audio
scriptures on believing kjv
temperance definition bible kjv
homecoming scriptures kjv
favor kjv
joyful toons kjv
long suffering in the bible kjv
backsliding kjv
deuteronomy 22 28-29 kjv
first fruits kjv
he frustrates the plans of the wicked kjv
proverbs 31 28-29 kjv
vanity kjv
good morning scriptures kjv
hands and feet kjv
amplified bible vs kjv
scripture on victory kjv
birthday scripture kjv
what does the kjv bible say about taking care of your elderly parents
eating swine in revelation kjv
kjv vbs 2017
bible verses about minding your own business kjv
isaiah kjv audio
dake annotated reference bible kjv-large print pdf
correction kjv
set apart scripture kjv
jealousy in the bible kjv
steadfast kjv
never trust thy enemy kjv
scriptures on manipulation kjv
prodigal son in the bible kjv
busybodies kjv
bible verses about doing the right thing kjv
favor of god scriptures kjv
hold themselves not guilty kjv
scripture about family turning against each other kjv
bible verses to break curses kjv
revive us again scripture kjv
count your blessings bible verse kjv
scripture on jealousy kjv
strange woman kjv
confusion is of the devil kjv
be set apart kjv
house divided cannot stand kjv
what does the bible say about beards kjv
bible verses about bad language kjv
a family that prays together stays together kjv
receive ye the holy ghost kjv
love your brothers and sisters bible verse kjv
wickedness kjv
confusion of faces kjv
spring bible verses kjv
be christ like kjv
i will not cause pain bible verse kjv
what does the bible say about yoga (kjv)
scriptures on purpose kjv
love what god loves hate what god hates kjv
gifts of healing kjv
bridle the tongue kjv
scriptures on loneliness kjv
laugh at your calamity kjv
discipline in the bible kjv
liars kjv
1 chronicles 28 kjv
backbiters kjv
bible verses about rebuking spirits kjv
scriptures on grief kjv
bible verses to rebuke the devil kjv
babys first bible kjv
heart of a servant bible verse kjv
psalms 23 kjv audio
seek counsel kjv
i give you power to cast out demons kjv
predestination in the bible kjv
give me this mountain kjv
jealous in the bible kjv
soul winning verses kjv
pray ye one for another kjv
a good name is better kjv
scripture on moving forward kjv
drink in moderation kjv
kjv birthday verses
kjv comfort
backslider in the bible kjv
ten commandments kjv pdf
kjv and amplified side by side bible
there is no failure in god scripture kjv
backbiting kjv
love the brethren kjv
ecclesiasticus 26 9-10 kjv
mustard seed scripture kjv
birthday bible verse kjv
rereward kjv definition
will you also go away kjv
mind your own business bible verse kjv
celebration scriptures kjv
saturday blessings kjv images
count your blessings scripture kjv
psalms 151 kjv
envy kjv
this is not your rest kjv
spiritual fornication kjv
anointing kjv
god is longsuffering kjv
pocket size bible kjv
kjv reader’s bible
jeremiah 45 kjv
as the mother so is the daughter kjv
joshua 17 kjv
all disobedience is sin kjv
welcome scriptures kjv
birthday kjv
dogs kjv
bible verses on the tongue kjv
the world the flesh and the devil kjv
mothers love bible verse kjv
endurance kjv
pastor scriptures kjv
busy bodies in the bible kjv
fasting on the sabbath kjv
scriptures on listening to god kjv
dake annotated reference bible-kjv-large print pdf
false accusers kjv
blood scriptures kjv
kjv tattoos and piercings
bible verses about casting out demons kjv
bible verse about guarding your eyes and ears kjv
kjv prayer of jabez
matthew 9 20-22 kjv
philippians 4 12 13 kjv
numbers 2 kjv
holy water in the bible kjv
mark 11 22-25 kjv
joshua 16 kjv
pagan in the bible kjv
there is no repentance in the grave kjv
eyes of the lord kjv
psalms 79 kjv
backslider kjv
what does the kjv bible say about owls
matthew 10 32-33 kjv
luke 1 78-79 kjv
give him no rest kjv
yield not to temptation kjv
proverbs 4 kjv audio
deacon kjv
wednesday blessings kjv images
give flowers while alive scripture kjv
the world is given to the wicked kjv
proverbs 19 kjv audio
alabaster bible kjv
scriptures on finances kjv
proverbs 31 kjv audio
trials kjv
deacon in the bible kjv
untimely death in the bible kjv
psalm 23 kjv images
jealousy scriptures kjv
priest of the home kjv
scripture on distractions kjv
scriptures on being intentional kjv
witness kjv
prodigal son verse kjv
lost sheep kjv
proverbs 10 kjv audio
oppression kjv
haters of god kjv
discipline scriptures kjv
scriptures on soul winning kjv
proverbs 16 kjv audio
2 esdras 13 40-45 kjv
gray hair in the bible kjv
he disappointed the devices of the crafty kjv
new moon scriptures kjv
by what authority kjv
let the morning bring me word kjv
power of god kjv
ark of the covenant kjv
simplified kjv
be continually with a godly man kjv
proverbs 23 kjv audio
predestination kjv
conscience kjv
proverbs 12 kjv audio
what does the bible say about joking and jesting kjv
authority kjv
isaiah 41 10 kjv images
life application study bible kjv pdf free download
personalized family bible kjv
morning kjv
kjv short sermon outlines baptist
leviticus 19 33-34 kjv
sin stinks in the nostrils of god scripture kjv
circumcision in the bible (kjv)
sisterhood scriptures kjv
sin stinks kjv
is this the man that deceived the nations kjv
james kjv yout
scripture about serving god in your youth kjv
kjv cameo reference edition with apocrypha
being a good steward scripture kjv
he looked beyond my faults kjv
slothful kjv
house blessing scripture kjv
long suffering bible verse kjv
one day at a time bible verse kjv
seed of david kjv
john the baptist kjv
help not a sinner kjv
focus kjv
conviction kjv
nation without god will fall kjv
sober minded scripture kjv
i die daily kjv meaning
the wicked kjv
go bible traveler kjv
curse the day i was born kjv
dog kjv
story of rahab in the bible kjv
kjv bible verses about mothers love
spiral bound kjv bible
bible verses about lying kjv
proverbs 18 kjv audio
modesty in the bible kjv
our prayers are a sweet-smelling aroma scripture kjv
scriptures on enduring to the end kjv
planets in the bible kjv
all things in moderation kjv
no more prophets kjv
rahab hid the spies kjv
psalm 89 15-16 kjv
slander kjv
god’s favorite flower kjv
scriptures on the power of prayer kjv
first fruit kjv
psalm 73 23-24 kjv
friday blessings kjv images
ezekiel 48 kjv
bible verses about beauty of nature kjv
bible verses about other worlds kjv
respect kjv
scripture on loneliness kjv
kjv audio bible alexander scourby psalms
john 3 16 kjv images
kjv easy read bible
proverbs 22 kjv audio
fountain of living water kjv
kjv sermon outline index
predestination scriptures kjv
walking in your purpose scriptures kjv
holes in your pocket kjv
earthquake kjv
ants in the bible kjv
discretion kjv
scriptures on discipline kjv
thomas nelson kjv
the cattle on a thousand hills kjv
vanity in the bible kjv
storms in the bible kjv
psalm 30 kjv bible gateway
stand firm kjv
dogs in the bible kjv
if i had ten thousand tongues kjv
rejoice at death and cry at birth scripture kjv
mercy and truth kjv
god does not force himself on anyone bible verse kjv
two immutable things kjv
daily devotionals for women kjv
arsareth kjv
higgaion meaning kjv
bible verses about dress code kjv
colossians 1 9 14 kjv
man is the head of the house kjv
mary magdalene in the bible (kjv)
eternal salvation kjv
be of sober mind kjv
the tongue kjv
godly counsel kjv
proverbs 21 kjv audio
idleness kjv
proverbs 26 kjv audio
zealous in the bible kjv
proverbs 17 kjv audio
2 chronicles 4 kjv
no sin is greater than the other kjv
divination kjv
proverbs 25 kjv audio
eagle kjv
manna kjv
bible verses about pastors kjv
dedication scriptures kjv
protect your ear gates scripture kjv
holy boldness kjv
smite the shepherd kjv
because he lives bible verse kjv
the arm of flesh will fail kjv
expectation scriptures kjv
lukewarm in the bible kjv
spirit of offense kjv
bible verses about loneliness kjv
romans 8 31-32 kjv
romans 9 kjv audio
ruth kjv audio
oneness of god scriptures kjv
spiritual blindness kjv
family kjv bible
saints kjv
karma in bible kjv
colossians kjv audio
lot’s daughters kjv
no buying or selling on sabbath kjv
stand scriptures kjv
psalms 3 kjv audio
psalm 105 kjv audio
pain kjv
regeneration in the bible kjv
virtue kjv
scriptures on needing god kjv
suffer wrongfully kjv
show me your glory kjv
bible verses about holding grudges kjv
bible verse about women’s clothing kjv
earthquakes in the bible kjv
kjv devotion book
murmuring kjv
the prodigal son in the bible kjv
respect in the bible kjv
matthew 27 kjv audio
behold this is a choice land kjv
john 3 14 19 kjv
temperance in the bible kjv
what does the kjv bible say about drinking beer
power of the tongue bible verses kjv
wealth scriptures kjv
lemon in the bible kjv
bible verses about being sober kjv
scriptures on expectation kjv
god counsels with himself kjv
bible verse about not judging others kjv
18 articles of faith kjv
wicked imagination kjv
proverbs 28 kjv audio
bible verses about doctrine kjv
what does the bible say about backsliding kjv
scripture come as you are kjv
liberty in the bible kjv
scriptures on offense kjv
will ye also go away kjv
moving forward scriptures kjv
how to cast out a demon kjv
confession scriptures kjv
if a man thinketh himself to be something kjv
scriptures on decision making kjv
sorcery in the bible kjv
proverbs 3 5-6 kjv images
jeremiah false prophets kjv
eating meat in the bible kjv
kjv prayer journal
kjv gift & award bible
kjv mustard seed
stand scripture kjv
good news kjv
pew bibles kjv
bible verses about church family kjv
treasure kjv
emotions kjv
endure scriptures kjv
abundant life kjv
i am the lord who heals all your diseases kjv
colossians 1 kjv audio
authority scriptures kjv
what does the bible say about holding grudges kjv
doctrine kjv
true love kjv
spirit of deception kjv
steadfast scriptures kjv
kjv defended
gentleness kjv
confession kjv
seraphim kjv
kjv modest apparel
psalm 148 kjv audio
the sabbath is the seal of god kjv
psalm 119 kjv large print
spirits created for vengeance kjv
eggs in the bible kjv
mermaids in the bible kjv
kjv scripture cards
scriptures on deception kjv
lying in the bible kjv
proverbs 30 kjv audio
best kjv journaling bible
scriptures on loyalty kjv
many hands make light work bible kjv
romans kjv audio alexander scourby
seer in the bible kjv
jubilee kjv
be kind bible verse kjv
bible verses about roses kjv
liar kjv
kjv nlt parallel study bible
bible verses about deacons kjv
zombies in the bible kjv
power of prayer kjv
storm kjv
scripture on backsliding kjv
the spirit of jealousy kjv
the lord is on my side kjv
pray for others kjv
psalm 26 kjv audio
abc bible verses kjv
in the regeneration kjv
for i have received of the lord kjv
tears kjv
liberty scriptures kjv
mark the perfect man kjv
i know who holds tomorrow bible verse kjv
flowers kjv
complaining kjv
is the word trinity in the kjv bible
praise god from whom all blessings flow scripture kjv
do all things in moderation kjv
manifest kjv
eat the word of god kjv
justification kjv
psalm 7 kjv audio
ungratefulness in the bible kjv
scripture on favor kjv
walking with jesus bible verse kjv
elect kjv
vbs 2017 kjv
fight kjv
bible verses about sisters kjv
galatians kjv audio
scriptures on consistency kjv
showers of blessing bible verse kjv
solid rock bible verse kjv
first love scripture kjv
no man is perfect kjv
virtue in the bible kjv
covenant breakers kjv
national publishing company kjv bible
imagination kjv
false brethren kjv
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